Registered participants to the Women’s Car Care Clinic held on September 23th were informed on fundamentals of automotive components and maintenance as well as hands-on training for basic maintenance procedures. Licensed technicians as well as guest speakers from the automotive industry did participate in providing basic knowledge and information with the help of visual effects.
14 Local Women from York Region participated in the event some of whom where never been a customer at the Mars tire location but were invited to take part in this informative session.2 lucky participants were chosen to have oil change done on their car ,and they performed basic oil change and maintenance check.
 Some comment from participants “very interesting “and “thank you very helpful” 
“Women in particular can feel uneasy when bringing their vehicle in for maintenance without basic vehicle knowledge” said Shant Ghazarian, president of Mars Tire group with 4 locations in Greater Toronto Area and York Region. “The worst part is not knowing if you’ve been taken advantage of. With an introductory course like the women’s clinic we’re holding, it will empower the attendees with an understanding of what the major vehicle components are, how they operate and interact with each other as well as how and when to maintain them. Information learned during the course will also be helpful in emergency situations such as a changing a flat tire on the side of the road.”
Basic vehicle maintenance such as oil changes, air filter replacement and changing a tire were a selection of topics covered during the course. 
For more information or to register for a future course, call the Mars Tire Newmarket location at (905) 657-1101 or send an email to